Student Wellbeing and Safety: A Priority Beyond Education

At Eraya Royals, the safety, and well-being of our students are paramount. Our commitment extends beyond academic excellence to providing a secure environment that nurtures both physical and emotional health.

Top-Class Infirmary: Prompt Care for Every Need

Our state-of-the-art infirmary is equipped to offer immediate medical attention and care to students in need. Whether it’s a minor injury, sudden illness, or any health concern, our dedicated attendant is there to provide comfort and professional assistance.

Professional Attendants: Trained attendants are always at hand to offer immediate relief to kids, ensuring a quick response to injuries or health issues that may arise during school hours.

Emergency Response: In emergencies, our infirmary is well-prepared to handle situations promptly. It allows us to provide initial care before any necessary transportation to nearby medical facilities.

Proximity to Hospitals: Swift Access to Medical Support

Located in close proximity to hospitals, Eraya Royals ensures swift access to medical support in case of serious injuries. The safety and well-being of our students are non-negotiable, and our strategic location guarantees immediate transportation for advanced medical care.

Emergency Preparedness: Our staff is trained to handle emergency situations, ensuring a well-coordinated response and seamless transition to advanced medical facilities when required.

Healthy Meals in a Hygienic Environment: Nourishing the Body and Mind

The Eraya Royals cafeteria is more than just a place to eat; it’s a hub for nourishment and well-being. We take pride in offering some of the healthiest meals, prepared with the utmost attention to hygiene and safety.

Nutrient-Rich Options: Our cafeteria menu is curated to provide students with balanced, nutritious meals that contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Hygiene Protocols: Stringent hygiene protocols are followed in the preparation and serving of food, ensuring that every meal is safe and wholesome for our students.