Hassle-free Process Of Becoming an Eraya Royals Student

For Pre-Nursery to 6th Grade Students:
Online Application:
Begin by submitting the online application form, including the required documents.
Campus Tour:
Experience Eraya Royals firsthand with a campus tour, providing insight into our nurturing environment.
Admission Tests:
Students undergo age-appropriate admission tests to ensure a seamless transition into our educational programs.
A personalized interview opportunity for both students and parents to discuss aspirations and align expectations.
Admissions Committee Review:
The committee reviews completed dossiers and test results, ensuring a thorough evaluation.
Decision Notification:

Receive one of three decisions — acceptance, deferral, or waitlist, promptly communicated after committee meetings.

For 6th to 12th Grade Students:
Online Application:

Complete the online application form, accompanied by the necessary documentation.

Campus Visit:

Engage in a comprehensive campus visit to acquaint yourself with the unique offerings of Eraya Royals.

Admission Tests and Interview:

Undertake subject-specific admission tests and participate in a comprehensive interview to gauge suitability for advanced programs.

Admissions Committee Sessions:

Undertake subject-specific admission tests and participate in a comprehensive interview to gauge suitability for advanced programs.

Notification of Decision:

Receive a decision promptly after each committee session – acceptance, denial, or waitlist.

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Note: Admission timelines and procedures are subject to change. Please refer to our admissions office or visit our website for the latest information.

Profile of a Future Eraya Royals Student

Intellectual Ability:

All candidates must meet the necessary requirements, showcasing their ability to understand and comprehend information.

Linguistic Ability in English:

Students applying for pre-nursery to 2nd must showcase a basic understanding of communication skills. While students from 3rd to 12th need not have prior knowledge of Eraya Royals’ working languages.

Character and Values:

Shared values, as outlined in the Codes, are crucial for candidates and their families at Eraya Royals.

Favored Traits:

Eraya Royals values active, curious, and ambitious candidates.

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Admission Considerations:
Minor or Temporary Learning Differences:
Teachers and specialists at Eraya Royals offer all-around assistance to students, but severe learning disabilities may not be suitable for the school.
Attitude Towards Discipline:
Violent, antisocial, or racist attitudes are incompatible with Eraya Royals’ commitment to discipline founded on respect for others.
Behavioral Traits:

Spoiled children accustomed to always getting their way may find the demanding life and discipline at Eraya Royals challenging.

Join Eraya Royals, where values align and a commitment to excellence transforms students into active, curious, and ambitious individuals.