Les Cadets (classes 5 and 4), a bilingual program

Students receive in-depth academic training but without excess homework or teaching hours. The courses, chosen in English or French, form a well-balanced academic unit.

Bilingualism is omnipresent: at least one course is taken in your “2nd” language; Complete beginners in one of these languages ​​take a “French & Humanities” or “English & Humanities” course.
Learning a 3rd language – native or foreign – is obligatory, learning a 4th is possible.

At Eraya Royal’s, we redefine the standards of education, transcending conventional boundaries to create an unparalleled learning experience. We offer a perfect amalgamation of rich traditions and a modern outlook, offering students a place to thrive and grow into cultured, thoughtful, intellectual, passionate, and disciplined individuals.

We stand proudly as a beacon of academic excellence in Indore, committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning. Eraya Royal’s envisions a world where knowledge is not just imparted but cultivated, where every student is educated and empowered. Our commitment lies in crafting an educational ecosystem that fosters holistic development, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence.

At Eraya Royal’s, we take pride in being a premium educational establishment, setting benchmarks in top-quality education. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with global standards, ensuring our students have the skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic world.