Eraya Royals — Where every facility is designed to inspire academic excellence!

Explore the extraordinary features of our premium school. These empower students to thrive and excel in their educational journey.

Eraya Royals, where excellence meets infrastructure! Our commitment to providing a world-class education is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our school offers top-class education, access to high-class amenities, and cutting-edge resources. These form the backbone of our academic environment, ensuring rigorous learning.

Futuristic Smart Classes

Step into the future of learning with our technologically advanced smart classrooms. Our classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards, audiovisual aids, and high-speed internet connectivity. Technology integration ensures that our students are prepared for the challenges of the modern world through immersive learning experiences.

Interactive Lecture Halls

Inspiration knows no bounds in our spacious lecture halls. These halls are designed to accommodate large gatherings, with top-notch acoustics and multimedia facilities. Our halls allow students to engage freely in thought-provoking discussions and guest lectures. These facilities broaden student’s horizons within the comfort of our expansive lecture spaces

Well-Equipped Science Labs

We empower students to unleash the scientist in them in our well-equipped physics, chemistry, and biology labs. From cutting-edge instruments to a meticulously curated environment, our labs provide the perfect setting for hands-on experimentation and scientific exploration. Our labs are always ready to fuel student’s curiosity and pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Technologically-Advanced AI Robotics Lab

Our perfectly calibrated AI Robotics Lab allows students to embark on a journey into the future. Students delve into the realm of AI and robotics, honing skills essential for tomorrow’s innovators. The lab has the latest robotic kits and programming tools, allowing students to bring their imaginative creations to life.

Hi-tech Computer Lab

The heartbeat of our digital campus, the computer lab, is a hub of innovation. Our lab is equipped with high-performance systems and cutting-edge software. These ensure students have the necessary resources to delve into coding, graphic design, designing, and other digital realms. Our computer labs offer boundless technological possibilities in the dynamic space.

National Level Sports Courtyards

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle beyond school years. Our National level badminton, table tennis, squash room, lawn tennis, and basketball courts offer means to elevate students’ physical fitness and sportsmanship. Our courtyards provide the perfect platform for the budding athlete and a means for students to stay active. These top-notch sports facilities offer the ideal arena for healthy competition and personal growth.

Grand Library With Massive Collection Of Books

Our grand library is a sanctuary for intellectual exploration. Our grand library houses a vast collection of meticulously curated books. These include periodicals and digital resources, providing students with a rich tapestry of information. Our library isn’t just a repository. It is a dynamic space where minds converge, ideas flourish, and academic excellence is nurtured.

Lavish Cafeteria with Seating Capacity for more than 300 Students at a time

We believe in nourishing body and mind in our expansive cafeteria designed to accommodate 300+ students at a time. Our cafeteria is more than just a dining space. It is a vibrant space where students come together to share ideas, form friendships, and recharge for the challenges ahead. Our cafeteria reflects our commitment to providing sustenance and an elevated dining experience.

Heated Swimming Pool with Innovative Amenities
We understand that diving into cold water can shock one’s body and decrease the health benefits of swimming by making joints feel stiff. It can also worsen existing respiratory problems and cause discomfort. However, our heated swimming pool prevents all this through its advanced features.

Our heated swimming pool has smart temperature control, an energy-efficient heating system, hassle-free monitoring and maintenance, and a saltwater chlorination system. These innovative amenities offer a plethora of benefits, including:

Warm water in our pool helps blood vessels expand, therefore making more space for blood to flow easily through your circulatory system.

The comfort of heated swimming pools offers an excellent means to indulge in physical exercise that strengthens the lungs and improves breathing patterns.

Swimming involves and improves a range of motion in the upper and lower body. It makes muscles and joints strong, preventing injuries and diseases.

Our pools also help students strengthen bones, improve bone density, and provide numerous cardiovascular benefits.