Juniors, classes (9 to 6), a school within a school

In primary classes, students follow a bilingual school program with priority given to French in classes 8 and 9 and choice of priority language in class 7.

In class 6, first secondary class, they adopt an individualized bilingual program by choosing the working language for each lesson; they must take at least one course in their “2nd” language.

At Eraya Royal’s, we redefine the standards of education, transcending conventional boundaries to create an unparalleled learning experience. We offer a perfect amalgamation of rich traditions and a modern outlook, offering students a place to thrive and grow into cultured, thoughtful, intellectual, passionate, and disciplined individuals.

The study of your mother tongue (other than French or English) is strongly encouraged.

The school program is based on the guidelines of the French National Education for courses in French and the British curriculum for courses in English. This traditional teaching is supplemented by the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) program which gives it an international and transdisciplinary dimension, particularly during special activity days during the launch and closing of multidisciplinary quarterly themes.

The teaching team ensures very attentive monitoring of each child on a daily basis to guide them towards the full development of their potential.