Eraya Royals– By The International School Of Bombay

At Eraya Royals, we redefine the standards of education, transcending conventional boundaries to create an unparalleled learning experience. We offer a perfect amalgamation of rich traditions and a modern outlook, offering students a place to thrive and grow into cultured, thoughtful, intellectual, passionate, and disciplined individuals.

We stand proudly as a beacon of academic excellence in Indore, committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning. Eraya Royals School envisions a world where knowledge is not just imparted but cultivated, where every student is educated and empowered. Our commitment lies in crafting an educational ecosystem that fosters holistic development, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence.

Unrivalled Quality Education For All

At Eraya Royals, we take pride in being a premium educational establishment, setting benchmarks in top-quality education. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with global standards, ensuring our students have the skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic world.

We believe in nurturing young minds through every means possible, including continuous access to top-of-the-line amenities such as advanced AI robotics, computer, physics, chemistry, and biology labs. Our students also have access to a national-level sports courtyard for Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, and Squash. These amenities encourage regular physical activities and offer a plethora of other benefits, including boosting cognitive functions, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum is precisely designed to encourage participation in sports, technology, arts, and cultural activities to promote academic and personal advancement.

Eraya Royals is passionate about delivering academic excellence through innovation and holistic education. Our school offers well-rounded education and academic success through practices that promote lifelong learning. We inculcate teachings that promote critical thinking and offer students space to be creative in every horizon of education. Our dynamic learning practices, cultural enrichment programs, and progressive approach ensure students are future-ready, empowered, and future-focused.

Our Mission

The Eraya Royals will be known as a dynamic school that students, staff, parents, and alumni are proud to be associated with. We will continue to guarantee the highest possible academic with all-round development for students who aspire to attend the best universities in the world. We will maintain our ethos of innovation and the professional development of all teachers & staff. We will continue to achieve high academic board results through significant added value for every student.

Our Vision

The Eraya Royals School will continue to be the leading school in India, utlising the Inspired Group network of premium educators to offer a world-class education, rooted in character-forming values and a student-centred ethos.
Our Motto: Achieving Excellence Together

1. For our own learning.
2. For our words and actions.
3. For our Global community.

1. Through doing as well as knowing.
2. Through constantly challenging ourselves to do better.
3. Through our determination to succeed.
4. Through our perseverance in the face of challenge.
5. Through our enjoyment of learning.

1. By ensuring a variety of approaches to teaching and learning.
2. By showing respect for other people’s opinions, beliefs, and traditions.
3. By exploring different approaches to solving problems.
4. By promoting team spirit and diversity.

Academics, Sports & Performing Arts

The Eraya Royals provides an excellent enriching educational programme for all children from Kindergarten to Class 12th. We take pride in ensuring that every child is treated as an individual and we recognise their own particular learning profile. Throughout the school, we are renowned for academic rigour in a safe, stress-free environment.

At Eraya Royals, we seek to instill a lifelong love of sport in all students. Elite athletes and sports players are nurtured through our talented staff and partnership programmes. For every student, there is an emphasis on keeping healthy and keeping fit by offering choice and opportunity across all year groups. All students, regardless of ability, are supported and encouraged to pursue their sporting passions and to take part individually or to represent house or school teams.

At the Eraya Royals, we acknowledge that participation in the arts is vital to the development of creativity, passion and individuality of each child. Eraya Royals provides an open, exciting and challenging environment for all students to develop as musicians and performers. Large numbers of our students thrive within our diverse and vibrant programmes of musical and performing arts activities. These range from beginners concerts, to more prestigious regional events will be hosted by Eraya Royals School.

Eraya Royals core values of Excellence, Responsibility, and Individuality underpin everything we do. They are epitomized by our three pillars of Academics, Sports, and Creative Arts. 

Eraya Royals prides itself on its close relationship with its parents. We work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment that allows every student to fulfill their potential.

At Eraya Royals — Education is designed to nurture the values and character of individuals as well as their academic, sporting, and artistic talents. Our students lead by example with a commitment to community action and philanthropy. 

Eraya Royals student is encouraged to have a solid ethical drive and positively change the world around them. Eraya Royals students are happy, courageous, innovative, determined, original, and kind. They have passion and a keen sense of the world they want to live in and how they should improve it.

Eraya Royals is a beacon for all your academic pursuits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become who you were born to be — Join Eraya Royals to elevate your learning skills, succeed as a young individual, and advance in academics for future growth.