Young Seniors (classes 3 and 2), Pre-bac Programs

Students receive in-depth academic training but without excess homework or teaching hours. The courses, chosen in English or French, form a well-balanced academic unit.

Bilingualism is omnipresent: at least one course is taken in your “2nd” language; Complete beginners in one of these languages ​​take a “French & Humanities” or “English & Humanities” course.
Learning a 3rd language – native or foreign – is obligatory, learning a 4th is possible.
  • prepares students for French and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs by offering them a wide range of subjects at the appropriate level
  • develops French-English bilingualism and biculturalism
  • prepares students for autonomy and helps them make the right academic and personal choices
  • develops skills and methods useful for baccalaureate programs, particularly those referred to as “21st century skills”: creativity, critical thinking, communication and ability to work in a group
  • promotes and develops the qualities defined in the “Common Core of Knowledge and Skills” (established by French National Education) and the “Learner Profile” of the International Baccalaureate.

At Eraya Royal’s, we take pride in being a premium educational establishment, setting benchmarks in top-quality education. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to align with global standards, ensuring our students have the skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic world.

The subjects taught in French are based on the French National Education programs; those in English, on those of the University of Cambridge (IGCSE exams).

In order to perfect entry into examination classes (1 and T), the school programs are enriched by:

  • Numerous information and orientation sessions in collaboration with study advisors
  • Research methodology and techniques
  • Interdisciplinary tasks and transversal themes.